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About Us

The family tradition in the art of tobacco planting date from 1910, a century of experience that inherited us Don Juan Rodríguez López, Founder of this tobacco house.

Located in the San Andres Tuxtla Valley, with the kindness that gives us the nature of its climate and the richness of its soil, Tabacalera R. Paxtian, with their experience and knowledge in the tobacco cultivation pleased to offer to world a selection of its cigars, totally handmade, using the most select tobaccos of our crops.

About Us

Our complacency grows and is enriched by guaranteeing our personal participation in all productive processes, which have to do with the life of our cigars, merging activities in which we apply dedication, creativity, knowledge and experience; activities that only over time we have developed and improved, turning them into a true family tradition.

Del Paraíso, Paraíso Fusión, Tabaricos, and Privilegio’s, are the brands of cigars, that at the moment manufactures Tabacalera R. Paxtian, in this Region of the Tuxtlas, having as main commitment, apply rigorous quality standards in all our production processes, guarantee that the quality of our products are of the pleassure and total satisfaction of our clients, in Mexico and in the World.